A Step-By-Step Guide To Reach Any Goal Of Any Size
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1. Create a crystal clear vision for your goal!

2. Breakthrough your excuses!

3. Create a step-by-step action plan to reach 
your goal!

This photo shows two versions of me...
The left side is me, overweight and depressed. My business was falling apart and my life was a mess! Even though I'm smiling, that wasn't how I felt on the inside, I wasn't motivated to do anything and I had little to no self-esteem. 

The photo on the right is me today. I am a completely different person. I learned how to transform my body, mind, business and life. It took time and dedication, but because I learned the principles of success to get where I wanted to be I was able to transform into the guy you see on the right. 

Today, I'm living a life that I've built by design, using the very principles I share in my book "Your Number One Goal."

This book will help you create the life you desire. Whether you want to get fit, start that business, write that book, become a paid speaker, get more clients, make more sales or climb that mountain THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!!!

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“With this book, Jake will help you “Climb On” to...
 the summit of your life’s biggest, baddest, and most daunting goal. He’ll help you to define your personal ‘Mount Everest,’ then show you how to break it down into achievable action steps. He’ll even give your rope a few swift motivational tugs when you start to doubt yourself. Trust me: read this book and start living out your dreams."

~John Beede, Mt Everest Climber and Author of "Summit Leadership"
"Through his vulnerability
Jake shares how he...
this step by step plan of what it took to finally reach his #1 goal. Regardless of how many times you didn't reach your goal, this is the guide to read to make it happen this time! The Chapter Exercise at the end of each chapter set you up to truly take action. Find your WHY and reach your #1 GOAL!"

~Molly Kennedy, Author of Creating The Champion Within and Ironman Athlete
About Jake Ballentine:
  •  Author of "Your Number One Goal
  •  Contributing author in Jack Canfield's new book "Living the Success Principles" 
  •  Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer
  •  Host of the "Focus On The Good" Podcast
  •  Award Winning Motivational Speaker